Alexandra has opened my eyes to the wonders and limitless joy of Ashtanga Yoga. Her patient and gentle teaching style have allowed me to develop my yoga practice at my own pace. She is always encouraging me to try to improve my practice, while being careful not to push me too far, too fast. The fact that I love Ashtanga Yoga and continue to practice it as much as possible, is a direct result of her effort and support.

Alexandra is simply amazing. Her intuition as a yogi as well as her understanding of the body in medical (western) terms are outstanding. She will recognize your individual needs, connect you with your breathing and gently (but with demanding determination) guide and push you into poses you didn't believe you could get into. After a class with her you will smile with gratitude and you will want more. Highly recommended.

Alexandra is a unique teacher. First, she's very dedicated to her own practice, never ceasing to advance. Therefore your practice under her guidance will do the same, no matter where your journey in yoga might be currently. Alexandra is a professional yoga teacher, this in not her hobby or a passing interest, it's her lifestyle by choice. As anyone who has practiced yoga knows there are a lot of benefits, the physical benefits are great, but what's truly endearing of yoga are the spiritual benefits, Alex is one of those unique people that embodies the complete teachings of yoga to the benefit of her students and friends. Namaste

Stop reading this and just call her. You are already wasting time. Namaste

Alexandra transmits an inner healing power from the heart-centered place of true yoga philosophy and practice. Her dedication to authentic Ashtanga Yoga as taught through the school of Pattabhi Jois is admirable. Her affinity with students is a delight.

-Dr. J. E. Williams

Alexandra is a remarkably caring and devoted teacher with a deep commitment to Ashtanga Yoga and to her students. Her guidance - from encouragement to practical advice - has helped me to make great strides in my practice and to realize what I am capable of with focus and perseverance."Martha"Alexandra infuses passion for her craft into every pose and stretch.  From ashtanga yoga to stretching therapy she enhances flexibility that is necessary for an adult athlete.

It takes dual mastery to become a true master of both the technical skill and the teaching skill. Alexandra excels at both, whilst striking a perfect balance between the dedication to the group and to the individual for maximising energy flow and growth for those with her. 

My introduction to yoga, not just Ashtanga, was through Alexandra. Ashtanga has a fairly rigid sequence and format which can easily feel tedious and repetitious to beginners. Alexandra's teaching style is true to the Ashtanga system, yet retains enough flexibility and variety to remain fresh and interesting for those just starting on this path. As one's proficiency and understanding grow, her teaching style adapts accordingly. I feel that this is an important attribute for an instructor of Ashtanga yoga. Too much rigidity will put off people who are new to the practice, while too much flexibility will not properly cultivate a disciplined practice. There is a middle road, and I feel that Alexandra has found that balance.